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Licensed Tour Guide and Tour Escort/Manager

Allow me to introduce myself and Sunway. I am Tommaso Pantè, an experienced, fully licensed Tour Guide and Tour Escort/Manager. After years of living abroad and guiding tours around the world, I returned home and established Sunway to promote Sicily: its tumultuous history, its diverse cultures, its unique archeological ruins, and its delicious foods and wines. Since then, Sunway has prospered by providing exceptional services to local, national, and international clients and organizations.

Today Sunway specializes in leading tours in Sicily, throughout mainland Italy, and to many international sites for well-known, well-respected tour operators. Please review Sunway to explore a world of magnificence and magic under my guidance. You will not be disappointed!

Travel Consultant

Often described by tour groups as the Ambassador for Sicily, Tommaso Pantè is the perfect resource for planning your trip to his native Sicily. His extensive experience as a tour guide/manager and his professional cooperation and assistance from licensed, accredited tour operators have made him a successful travel consultant. Whether you are traveling as an individual, a couple, a family, or a tour group, Tommaso can design a customized itinerary full of exceptional experiences.

Stop daydreaming about the trip, and prepare for your consultation. First, decide on basic information – interests, must-see sites and activities, calendar restrictions, and naturally a budget. Next please click on More Info to review additional questions to consider about your travel plans.

Now you are ready to schedule a consultation with Tommaso by telephone or email (Contact Me). Andiamo to an exciting travel adventure in Bella Sicilia!

Holiday Apartment

Casetta Rosetta in Milazzo, Sicily

CIR 19083049C215984

For your holiday, reserve Casetta Rosetta in Milazzo in the Province of Messina. This affordable apartment offers you and your family or friends comfort and convenience close to the local culture. Walk to nearby markets, butchershops, cafes, and bakeries. Eat in small, family-run restaurants, or cook meals in the fully equipped kitchen. Shop in the town centre, and stroll leisurely along the picturesque seafront on Lungomare Garibaldi. Swim in nearby beaches: Spiaggia di Levante Beach – 500 metres (.3 mile) and Spiaggia di Ponente Beach – 800 metres (.5 mile). Tour many other cultural and historical sites in the area. Explore, relax, and enjoy every day and night during your stay at Casetta Rosetta!

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